Summer in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has a lot of green spots you can hang out and feel away from the city. One of them is Habima  square, that's where we decided to shoot our next post.  
Summer in Tel Aviv is extremely hot and humid, so it is almost impossible to wear anything but light dresses. The Black and white is back and you can never go wrong with blue, red and white. These dresses looks great and look expensive, but actually the cost no more the 20$! so, if you're looking for cheap cool summer dresses, go to Forever21!

summer in tel aviv

black and white dress

black and white dress forever21

summer dress

forever21 cheap dress

forever21 tel aviv

blue red and white dress

black sandals

summer in tel aviv

habima tel aviv

shani and adi jewelry

cheap summer dress

tel aviv

habima tel aviv

Shani (black and white dress):
Black and white dress: Forever21, Tel Aviv
Black belt: Forever21, Tel Aviv
Black sandals: Zamsh, Tel Aviv
Hat: TopTen, Tel Aviv
Sunglasses: Forever21, Tel Aviv

Blue stripes dress: Forever21, New York
Red Belt: Street boutique, Tel Aviv


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