It's Birthday time!

Growing up as twins meant you always have someone to share your birthday with, which meant more fun!
We started the day with a big pampering  breakfast and after that - a day at the spa! 
These outfits are great for a day off. Adi is wearing a beautiful blue strapless maxi dress (again- blue and brown, great colors combination) and Shani is wearing a black skirt and a leopard top, beautiful combination of black and white.

birthday breakfast

birhday breakfast

a day at the spa

fashion blog

fashion blog

blue maxi dress

strapless blue maxi dress

blue maxi dress

aldo sandals

bershka leopard  top

Dress: Alcott , Tel Aviv
Belt: forever21, New York
Shoes: Aldo, New York

Top: Bershka, Tel Aviv
Skirt and belt : forever21, Tel Aviv


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